Wednesday, April 13, 2011

homeschool room clean up

For a family of 6 that homeschools, we are asking our little townhouse to do a lot. Unlike the majority of our neighbors, we don't leave the house all by her lonesome from 8 to 6 every day. So, this little house gets used- a bit like a horse that is ridden hard and put away sweaty. Poor house, it never gets a rest.

Our one-car garage is the family room/ pantry/ storage area/ schooling room. The book shelf started to bow out under the weight of so much stuff, so the shelves fell down. So, now we have a new book shelf, and I have to clean up the place while the big girls are doing some test preparation for their standardized tests at the end of the month. 

By the way- the picture is for laughs- our house is NOT that bad (the pic is from

update: not surprisingly, I didn't get as far as I had hoped. My excuse?- big bunk bed boxes in the middle of the room. I did collect books, games and cds to return to the homeschool charter school library. Also- I got rid of random trash (popsicle stick anyone?) and started a Goodwill bag. We will 'keep plugging away' at this. My goal is a peaceful spot to 'do school.' and to have our charter school meetings in there iinstead of the kitchen table. 

Yes, as a homeschooler, we try to use words like 'learning room,' but it always comes back to 'school room' even though my kids have never been to school except for an ill-fated semester at parks and rec preschool 4 hours a week. I pulled them out when the girls told me that they were just watching Dora the Explorer. I can do that at home.


  1. Oh man, you had me!!! I thought that was really your house. (only for a second) VERY happy to see that it is not! :)

  2. I am happy to hear about home schooling insanity. I sometimes wonder how to balance a tidy home and home schooling. I mean with kids home all day, I spend most of the day cleaning up after them. We have not even begun real home schooling yet, just preschool.

  3. I do have parts of my house that look very similar. I am definitely at an all-time low in housekeeping capability! I keep on telling myself that this too shall pass-- meanwhile my 8yo is giving me advice-- "mommy maybe if you got up really early and stayed up really late- and then in the afternoon you could clean the house, too." Thanks, Av. -F

  4. Like Rabbit, at first I thought your house was like that. Whew !!

  5. Anonymous F- grrrrr....tell her about my 'upstairs maid' and 'kitchen maid'...:) Mommies need help!

  6. Renee- I feel another post coming I would tell my ESL students- it is a challenge: difficult, but not impossible

  7. Flylady anyone? Her website and radio show kinda put me in the cleaning shoot for a little while. Not long enough I've been trying to keep my sink clean for years. (It is clean, however, NOT everyday) Keep up the good work and thank goodness that's not your house. (or mine) You're doing a great job, small home, big heart.


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